Wood finishing and spray painting classes (looking for)

Does anyone know somewhere in DFW I could take class(es) in wood finishing including spray painting? I’m also be open to paying for private lessons with an expert.

I’ve tried the “watch a bunch of youtube videos” approach and am looking for something more.


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WOW no one. Well i just missed a class in my area but really i wish some people reps for graco or apollo would have little free workshops occasionally before deciding on which system to go with. check out facebook painters chatroom. maybe you will find up coming even there. I agree with you hlvp fflp airless air assisted airless all very different and best way to learn is to have it in your hands. cabinet coating is in high demand

The problem is spray painting isn’t allowed due to EPA and Fire Marshal restrictions. Includes rattle cans. Do a search on Paint Booth and have long afternoon reading multiple long discussions over the years.
Exceptions: Powder Coating (no volatiles) and Air Brush (super low volume and most aren’t volatile)


I joined the Woodworks guide - they offer online classes and dvds on wood finishing technics… it was really inexpensive… you take at your own pace…


even with WB products? renner and Milesi WB products are a couple i would like to see sprayed and how much power in a sprayer do you need to spray peanut butter as one of the products is about same thickness

The ordinance/laws/rules/whatever cover volatiles. Using an HVLP sprayer to spray high quality H2O would not be an issue, for instance. Using it to spray paint thinner would be.

You are not alone in your thinking. Everybody believes that their unique application should be okay. Please follow DMS rules, no spray painting is allowed.

Even if DMS had a qualified paint booth, the record keeping and documentation would never get handled properly with a volunteer work force in our 24/7 environment. Records are to be kept by a responsible person at all times. I am not willing to go to jail or be finded for the actions of others at 2 AM in the morning.