Women's practice welding

Attention all women welders!!! Have you been signed off on Mig welding, but need to practice…well here is your chance to practice with others. I and @jmeinel are going to set up an event on a Saturday in March or April. Please chime in and let me know if any of you are interested. Again, you must have already been through the class.


I am interested… I need way more practice.

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I hope @dryad2b will join us! :grin: :hugs:

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My schedule for that is goofy. I’ve got Sundays free through March, but starting in April I have zero weekends. April 1st through April 15th is pretty well hosed for any day…


Saturdays work better for me… @jmeinel @FairieCyanide what say you?

Saturday afternoons are good for me. I prefer a couple weeks notice because I tend to book myself pretty early.

I’m usually at DMS on Sundays, science hangs out around 2:30.

I haven’t taken Mig or the intro class,
but this is a great idea! I’ll try for the next
Women Welders cont practice class.

I can do Saturdays or Sundays. It would need to be sometime between 12-7pm though.

Well…I can do Saturdays anytime…or I can do Sundays between 3-6…

I just submitted an event for March 29th, Sunday, from 3-5. Not sure when it will show up on the calendar.