Wire shelving group buy

So I purchased a large quantity of metro wire style shelving for very little. It’s more than I actually need so anyone who wants some at my cost is welcome.

this is the basic style:


The 60in x 18in shelves will be about $9 each

4 posts will be about $30

For a 7ft tall unit that is 5ft wide with 5 shelves is would be about $75.

Different hights, number of shelves and wheels are options.



Glass Committee needs some shelving. This would be perfect.
We’ll need to sort out logistics of purchasing, I can pay you but to get reimbursed I’d need a receipt.

Not to throw cold water, since this is a purchase from a member be sure to have it approved first.


I could use this exact configuration. How/When to pay and pick up?

We already had a committee vote to buy this type of shelving. So I think we’re all good to go.
Glassworks could use 2 of the 5 shelf configurations.
If you have enough I would take 1 set personally.

If I’m not mistaken, Science has a spare shelving unit available to other departments, and it is rather robust. Check with @FairieCyanide

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I do. It’s around 7ft tall, 7 ft long, and 2 feet wide. 5 shelves I think, but hard to use the 5th shelf in our area.

I’d be interested to see it. Would it be a loaner? Would science want it back some day?

Currently the particular one is disassembled, but it’s the same as the big ones at the front of our space. I don’t think we’ll need it back.

2.4k lbs weight limit?! Surely that’s total and not pure shelf?

I told my husband about this deal, he would like 3 units for his office as well.

Do you have any more details?
How can we arrange pick-up and payment?

Glass Committee has decided to go with the wire shelving in addition to the unit from Science.

I have purchased tons of this and similar units from Costco over the years. They started off at around $70 and now I think they’re up to almost $100 but I believe they are about identical to that one. So you might consider that. I even have a couple of extra units in storage. I’m in the process of cleaning out that storage unit and moving some things around so let me know if you were interested and I will get an inventory on what I have. They are very useful and are a pretty good deal and quite heavy duty. I believe that mine have wheels on them. That is wheels are an option or you can install feet on the bottom rather than the wheels.

With the Costco models at least you can also just install half of the unit as the vertical posts screw neatly together. That is you can have two separate sets of shells and I’ve done that many times for certain applications

Is this offer still available? Haven’t heard from you since the initial post.