Window tinting?

Has anyone done their own window tinting? I have an old Ranger, and I’d like to tint the two door windows and maybe the bed cover to cut down on UV and heat. Wondering what others have used and even about temporary options

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It’s been…at least 20 years since I’ve participated in DIY window tinting, but back then, we used Gila film only (except when trying something “cheaper” on our own stuff"), break-n-curse knives most of the time, or, when we felt frisky, actual razor blades (which do work better, but cost more), Dawn dishsoap, and lots and lots of h20. I have the idea that 3M is “the” film to use these days.
test fit
clean again
then peel & apply
using lots of soapy water

It was actually kind of fun, and I’ve considered doing it again in the last decade, but simply lacked the impetus (too many other things vying for my time, I guess).
Pics, or it doesn’t happen. :smiley:

PS the Ranger door windows should be pretty straightforward, with little curve to worry about, and small enough for a single piece, from memory… :+1:

Awesome! So, did you tint in place, or did you remove the windows to tint?

Both, but in place always worked out better. We regretted every time we tried off-car tinting. It SOUNDS like a great idea, but in my experience, causes more problems, and solves none effectively.

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