Win Shields - The Business of Television classes?


This class that has been copied/pasted for a total of 8 classes over the months of January (all 4 Thursdays), February (3 of 4 Thursdays) and the first Thursday of March. It is in the Interactive room from 7pm to 10pm, and the class description is as follows:

Win Shields discusses what it is like to work in the world of television

That is the entirety of the description, and is the exact same description for all 8 classes. Does this pass muster as being worthy of taking up prime time classroom space, during Open House hours, for two solid months? Once or twice I can see, but 8 seems to be rather excessive.

I would ask the Classroom Committee to cancel the existing reservations and request that the host resubmit with a more informative and detailed description of the class.


I was curious if the classes actually occurred … and why they qualify as classes and not events.


His scriptwriting classes (which are well attended) have been regularly scheduled on Mondays, with a few weeks break in between sessions. Am wondering if the wrong day was selected.


I cannot answer the first part.

As for the second, he did not ask for honorarium so they went through the “event” review process rather than the “honorarium” one. That Class vs Event radio button at the top of the submission form does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING except for selecting that “class” or “event” word in the listing.


Win teaches writing. Writing for TV, Movies, and more. This is going on the 2nd year that Win has taught these classes, and he does is for 8-12 week blocks…

The attendance is spectacular, often filling the Interactive room. They have always been on Mondays. Not sure about the change to Thursdays.

@Hardsuit I’ll ask.about the change in dates and re-affirm the class content.