Will this chuck fit our lathes?

I saw this pen drilling chuck, and it says it’s for series C lathes. Will it fit on any of our lathes?


I don’t believe so, reading through the Q and A - it looks like they’re meant for their own sized chuck. So, to use these you’d need to buy their chuck as well.

That being said - the space owns a Nova chuck with their version of the pen blank drilling jaws; they live in the Jet lathe cabinet.


Thanks, I’ll look.

that listing is just for the jaws, and so long as its an 1x8 chuck, it will fit on our lathes (that’s 8 threads per 1 inch). that being said, afaik we only have Nova chucks not PMI chucks so those jaws likely don’t fit. We do, however, have the jaws like those for one of our existing Nova chucks.

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You can also pick up Nova ones locally for about the same price from Woodcraft/Rockler.

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