Will there Be Orientation/Training for the Jewelry Space?


I’m a new member interested in using the jewelry/small metals space. Is there a department orientation or safety course? I saw some tools required training. Also are butane torches available or should I bring my own? Same with flux, pickle, charcoal blocks?


Welcome to the Dallas Makerspace! Currently, orientation for the DMS Jewelry Studio is being conducted one-on-one by appointment depending on volunteer availabilty.

Check out the DMS Wiki, if you haven’t already for more info. https://dallasmakerspace.org/wiki/Category:Jewelry/Small_Metals_Committee

Join the Jewelry Discord for more direct communication with team_jewlery. This would be the best place to request specific training and chat about jewelry (please use your common name on here versus a screen name if you don’t mind). https://discord.gg/EqRMfQxr

If you want to use butane, you should plan on bringing your own bottle. We sometimes have butane that is donated by other members in the fire cabinet, but that can be hit and miss. We have everything else you need including a water torch AKA Hydroflux torch that can do what butane will do and more.

I hope this helps and look forward to meeting you sometime soon!


Hi Joseph - I need to finish my certification to use the lapidary equipment. Can I set that up through the Jewelry Discord? If so, the link you provided above is not working for me to sign up.

The link didn’t work on mobile for me but did on my computer.

Yes, and Johnny is the lapidary leader.