Will Pay Your Teen for Their Imaginative Opinions on Self-Driving Vehicles in the Future

Friends of mine run a local research agency and are looking for teenagers to participate in a PAID Think Tank.

The session will involve imagining what riding in a self-driving vehicle might be like.

The next event will be held on Saturday, Sept 7th from 10am to 2:30pm in Addison.

Check out this site for details and to sign up https://www.readysetfuture.com/

Spots are limited, but those who participate will be paid $75 cash

Please share the link if you have or know a teen who is interested…

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@NickWebb – would you be interested?


@cottjr Does it have to be overbearing and over-emotional humans of early double digit age?

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dwight, macaroni portraits will solve this problem don’t be such a pessimist :stuck_out_tongue:


I think so - but it’s easy to check, simply get onto the web site and apply. I believe they left contact info there…

yeah sadly the cut of is nineteen. So this greybeard v29.7 is out of the running :frowning:

insider joke spooler

2019 - (29+7)


I sent this to my high schools engineering/robotics teacher he’s really excited about it but unfortunately they have a robotics thing at the same time.

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I would be but I’m going to be gone this weekend :frowning: