Wiki update needed: Vinyl Cutter Quick Reference

I’ve contributed a lot of updates on the vinyl cutter wiki page. I only use the vinyl cutter every other month and a refresher of each step is always nice and i wrote it so i could flip back to it myself whenever i needed.

HOWEVER! Under the “Cut out the vinyl!” section item 19 needs to be written. What is a good way to ensure someone can locate their cut job out of the usually massive list of vinyl cut jobs that appear in vinyl master software. Hoping some of the people that use the machine way more often can contibute their knowledge of what they do.

wiki page in question:

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Thanks for making the updates!

At the beginning of that page, it says, “this entire page is obsolete”. It also has some attribution that is probably also incorrect.

I’d be glad to edit those things out if you’d like.

I linked it to the Consumables fees section of the CA page.

You’re welcome john! I edited it in a fit of frustration as my work flow is generally: 5 minutes of photoshop since I’m a wizard at that and 1 hour (yes one hour) troubleshooting the titan as I forgot how it went exactly the last time I sat at that station just to get a single print done.
I left up the obsolete notice as my edits were still incomplete and i wanted someone with more experience to proof read me before labeling the wiki up to date.
Tagging @Team_Creative_Arts to draw from their experience pool.


Makes sense. I changed the wiki page. I replaced the section that says OBSOLETE with a section that says IN PROCESS UPDATE:

This entire page is in the process of being updated and not all information may be accurate. If you have working expertise on the Tital Vinyl cutter, please review and/or update this page.

@brenly Hi. What are the speed and power parameters to cut vinyl on Titan? I don’t see that in the useful wiki that you kindly have contributed to. Thank you.

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This may or may not help …

The notes I have from the class I took (2017?) say this:

  • With a dull blade the current settings are speed 502mm/sec and 148g force.
  • When the blade is replaced the force should be reset to 115g.
  • For finer detail, use slower speed.

Someone who has used it more recently should chime in …

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Thank you John.

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