Why We Can't Have Booze

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Any of these. (Unfortunately)


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As far as I know, “no” (exceptions shown by Brad).
But it’s not because I am opposed to it…

The only person I know that is steadfast against this topic is the honorable @PearceDunlap . He is against it for all of the right reasons. My question is if these “reasons” still exist and might there be a more humane way to manage this outside of dragging Old Yeller out behind the barn?

Personally, I’m not a big beer drinker. I would like to hold “Wine and Paint” classes as a way to market memberships via Meetup. I have not formed an opinion on how it should be structured “BYOB” or otherwise. That is just academic if we can’t get past the first hurdle.

No idea. Based on what little I know of it all, the Board really can’t pull back on it given the reasons our substance abuse policies were instituted. Classic example of a few juveniles fouling things up for the rest of us (even if they were well old enough to know better!).

Personally, I’m what we call a “teetotaler”, but I still think it’s nice for adults to be able to behave like adults, and that includes sharing a beer or some wine on social occasions. Of course, if we all could behave like adults instead of raver kids, we wouldn’t have the rules we have…


I think that’s a solid idea, but the wine part def wouldn’t work at the space.

Some rules do suck, but generally there is a reason they were made.

What some fail to see is that banning alcohol should have been in the original bylaws/rules/whatever. Alcohol is a HUGE liability for DMS.

Should we, as adults, be able to self-regulate? Sure. But just spend ten minutes driving on 35 and it’s blatantly apparent people choose to ignore rules and safety when stone cold sober.

We have to take human nature into account when forming certain rules. It’s annoying. We all want to see the best in others and believe they will make the right choices, but we don’t.

I don’t always make the best choices.
I’m betting you don’t always make the right choices.

So rules like this are about protecting the space as a whole more than the people in it.


As far as the rest of this convo goes, I’m issuing a general warning.

Please read peoples posts in their entirety.

And for the love of DMS, please take a second before you reply to someone. I’ve found that when I stop automatically assuming malicious intent there are far better outcomes with communication.

Questions are fine when posed politely. Accusations and attacks are not.


Slept since I last delved into the GL insurance policy, but I recall that any claims involving the use of alcohol or controlled substances are either voided outright or only honored if we strictly abide by any and all .gov regulations around the storage/dispensing/etc of said items - and that swift cancellation of the policy was possible in the insurer’s sole judgement.

All of that is before you get into the hairy issue of TABC licensure.


Let’s not go too far, nobody was ever accused of selling alcohol, so TABC isn’t implicated.

Unfortunately we can’t say the same for people, even board members, dancing on tables in the early hours of the morning or committing small acts of vandalism. Not to mention the common sense issues with power tools and booze.

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I recall TABC being invoked for a number of past issues ranging from the homebrew 'fest we awkwardly hosted a few times to a proposed event involving preparing or serving mixed drinks, but fair enough.

Insurance is where that chain of events is apt to ultimately lead, representing an existential threat to the organization.

all of the reasons we can’t have booze at the space have been posted already, I’d say that we should have had that as part of our starting rules, but it was easier to manage the drinking when we had much smaller numbers. Dunbar Dunbar Dunbar.

I don’t believe we get to put the bees back in that box, as it would probably red flag us to a lot of people who allow us to stay open.

that’s why it’s important to not abuse the liberties we have in the rules that aren’t written out specifically. anyone could have told the alcohol abusers that they were going to get alcohol banned (and did) but the incidents kept adding up. so it’s gone forever now

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Split to its own thread or is there one you had in mind?

I vote split-to-its-own, as I don’t think that there’s a relevant thread right now.

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I suggest the last two posts (and this one) on how/where to split alcohol-related posts be split into their own thread.

Thread split into new topic due to relevance. Also because there are great points made here as to why we don’t allow alcohol.

Carry on.


My basic reasoning for why I don’t think alcohol should be allowed the space falls into two categories. The first is that there’s no good reason to have it there, and it’s involvement, especially with someone who abuses the policy and gets irresponsible and then gets injured, is very likely to lead to bad things for the makerspace. The second is that I worked for too many years and customer service, and I have seen way too many drunk people do stupid things that they really should know better. (Plus my general disdain for humanity as a whole)

Think you mean “Whine & Paint”
Could be creative and very entertaining. :smirk:


No! It’s a Real Thing! Ray used to have Wine & Paint classes here. I’ve wondered if he quit because that was an income thing for him. Well, there was the security camera issue too…