Why convert a printer for dye sublimation

I am new to the dye sublimation world so why would you convert an epson to dye sublimation instead of just buying a Sawgrass printer other than the cost of 299 to 599?

I’d assume it’s because they think running endless head cleans and reverse waterfalls is a fun way to spend a Friday night.

Those gel inks Sawgrass uses are great. I ran one for a year and a half and it was remarkably maintenance free. I’d only look at Epsons once you get to the 44" range or bigger and made for dye sub. I have an F6070 and it’s a tank, but I’m not a huge fan of their consumer models.

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I looked into converting one a few years back, because it was given to me. It isn’t worth the headache for a couple hundred dollars. Don’t burn your energy and money on a conversion. Buy the right tools, so your energy is used to making a product. Rather than, burning out with a harder learning curve, higher maintenance, no support, bad drivers and less time making the thing you want with the machine.

Not trying to beat anyone up if budget is the deciding factor. But, this is one of those step back and make a more expensive good choice later, rather than a cheap bad choice now and later having to buy twice.

I concur with both Nick and Tom. The Sawgrass printers are practically bulletproof when compared to the Epson consumer/prosumer models.

Thanks for the information