Who would I reach out to in regards to getting into the 3d printing community at DMS?

I am a new member and would like to be able to use the 3d printers at DMS and learn more about them and the community. I have and Ender 3 Pro at home and have only had it for a week.


Bones, welcome. The best way is to attend 3D Fab committee meetings. Also on Talk, you can tag @Team_3D_Fab to get their attention. Check the calendar for upcoming training classes in 3D.


Thanks a bunch!

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@Bones Welcome to DMS!

We have a wiki with a lot of good info for how to get started.


Look for the “Online Training” link on that page to get started while in-person classes are unavailable. You’ll still need to get signed off by an instructor, but there might something on there that you don’t know that will help you.

You may also want to look for online classes in 3D modeling. DMS has computers on site with Adobe Creative Cloud, or you can use something else like Tinkercad to get your .STL file.

For slicing, although we don’t have classes at the moment, the Prusa 3D printer site offers a free slicing app that has good reviews. The Ender Pro 3 is based on the design of the Prusa.

How long have you had your printer?

Have fun!