Who wants to take this class?




I think it needs LOTS more sparkly stuff


I think I will pass on this one :):rofl:


instead of a 10x10 show…here is your seat :smile:


Is no one else concerned about the safety pins or paper clips just one way working their way through the resin to give someone tetanus?


There’s a big ole razor blade in there too


holy crap I didn’t see that.

They really missed an opportunity for some fish hooks and exacto blades as well. maybe some used syringes.


You missed the used syringe top right!


I am totally making one of these for a Makerspace toilet.


That will make the clog pictures so much more interesting.


Wouldn’t that be “tetanass”? :rofl:


I think my brain saw it and blocked it out…

Seriously though, that pic is coming up tiny for me so I’m not seeing all the details. I’m even wearing my glasses!


It’s like it get worse the longer you look at it.


There is only one real use for this.

  1. Make this out of resin, as shown. Let people get used it.
  2. Switch it out for one made of clear jello
  3. Profit!!


For @kyrithia

For you live edge guys

For the nerds and team Leather/cosplay


that’s terrifying.


General Crapbar


That’s Admiral sir.


dangit, I just lost some nerd cred… it was General Crapnobi, and Admiral Crapbar.

Also, cause I’m already on this roll
Duke Skywalker
Emperor Poopentine
Count Duke-oo


Just Ewoks? Not pee-woks? I love Ewoks.