Where to get rotors turned?


Has anyone had rotors turned recently by a shop near DMS? I plan to do the rear shocks and brake pads on my daughters 2013 Altima this Saturday. I’m looking for a shop near by that might be able to turn them on a Saturday.


If you plan to keep the vehicle, I strongly recommend that you simply replace the rotors. I have never had good long-term luck with turned rotors.


Any O’Reilly Auto Parts should have a brake lathe in the back that’ll do for the most part.

Of course, if this is your daughter’s car, stereotypes being what they are, the rotors are probably beyond saving and you should replace them.


Agree with Zack. Rotors aren’t that expensive especially when compared to the difference between having them turned. Another BIG advantage is, the job is a lot faster: you can buy the replacement rotors, as soon as you pull the old ones you can insert the replacements.

There will be more metal there for greater heat capacity.


Last time I needed rotors turned I had it done for free at the oreilly’s where I bought brake pads. They didn’t screw it up.


Non coated rotors are $24 each
Coated rotors are $32 each


Given those prices, just buy replacements; O’Reilly charges $15 a rotor for turning, and new rotors are better for sure.


coated = the semi shiny yellow stuff?


Not on a brake rotor. That shiny yellow plating is chromate-passivated zinc galvanizing, which isn’t suitable for brake rotors. Coated rotors typically have a phosphate coating, though it’s debated as to whether it actually does anything for long term corrosion prevention.



The “gold shiny stuff” you are referring to is typically the cadmium coating that some companies offer, often offered in black gold or silver. See attached link for an example:

Note - This is a different coating than the rotors I posted above for a stock OEM replacement to the original post.

Most of the “corrosion” the coating prevents doesn’t effect those of us that live in the north Texas area.


OK. That puts it in perspective. Just out of curiosity, what brand and part # did you price on the non-coated rotors?


Part # 43206 7Y000
Made by “centric”

Brake pads - if wanted are: $29 semi metalic

If you want - I can have them put on will call for you to pick up in dallas (about 10 minutes from the Space) but you must pay in cash - (no debit cards either) and have the exact amount - they don’t make change (because they are not a retail store).
Total with tax for 2 rotors alone is $ 51.38
Total with tax for 2 rotors & pads is $82.72

Let me know.


Mind if I ask what you are using for rear shocks?


I purchased the following from rockauto for arrival on Friday:
AKEBONO ACT905 Brake Pad
KYB 349075 Shock Absorber
KYB SM5381 Shock Mount


Great choice on Pads - you cannot go wrong there!

Just curious - if you don’t mind sharing - what did rock auto sell the shocks for ? (save me from looking them up?)


Thanks for looking this up Tom. I would like to purchase these. Any chance I can pick them up Saturday morning? If not I can make the trip on Friday.


Shocks were $57.79 each + shipping. I paid for 2 day shipping which was a bit expensive but if you have 5-7 days the shipping is very reasonable.



If you give me a time frame that you will be at the Space - I will have them delivered - but you must be there (the driver will not wait - she has a strict schedule of stops to make)

just make sure you have cash as well


Exact amount, any overage is a “Tip”. This is a great place for parts and fast.


local KYB’s would have been $59.83 + sales tax