Where is the Lost and Found?

I left my insulated lunch bag at the space last Sun. While not especially valuable it has a metal fork in it, I would like to get both of them back if I may. What are the odds?

I will hold off buying another one until my next visit next Sun. Hoping for the best.

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Hi Wendy,

Lost & Found is located on the shelves just outside of Digital Media. In the 3 months I have belonged to Makerspace, I lost one item, and it was returned to me in a few days, so there’s definitely hope for your lunchbox.

I will put my name and phone number on it this time if I get it back.

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Grayish rectangular bag?
There was one next to pc I was using in the Commons Rm.
Hopefully someone will put see it and put it on the Lost and Found shelf.

I would have sad black w/ a zippered lid and a fork inside. That sounds like it to me.