Where are the digital cameras?


Where are the digital cameras? Do we need to bring our own memory cards if we want to use them?

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Digital Media owns the cameras. Dunno if the list is current or where they’re physically stored within Digital Media. @apparently_weird can probably clarify.

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@wizlog Thank you for your interest in Digital Media. The cameras are stored in Digital Media. There is a new DIgital Media 101 class being put together that can get you checked out on using them. Since we have had a number of storage cards walk off, it’s always best if you can bring your own. If you have something you need to shoot sooner I’d be happy to meet you up at space sometime to discuss.

Reminder, all Digital Media cameras are to stay on site unless approved by chair.


Free 32gb microsd and free 32gb USB for the cost of your email.


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I wanted to try out using one of the lenses (on site) with a large aperture. My current camera lenses maxes out at f/4 or so but I saw you guys have some lenses that go down to f/1.4. Before buying a new lens I just wanted to play around a bit. Are you by chance going to be at the makerspace this afternoon/evening?

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OMG! You will love a f/1.4 lens! :heart_eyes: My first one was the Nikon 50mm f/1.4 and I love it. I wish I could afford more like it at other focal lengths, but the ones I want are all $$$$. :grimacing: :money_with_wings:

No way, that’s exactly what I’m thinking of getting (used). Is yours an F mount?

No…I only have a dx right now. :tired_face: Now that I’ve gotten better at photography, getting an full sized sensor camera is my next goal. :crossed_fingers:

I interested in this class. I have camera/videography experience…just need to understand the process for checking items out. I’d like to also use the green screen room on occasion. I have some YouTube videos planned that would benefit from it.