When to bring a non-member friend?

Hi! I’m a new member myself as of the 18th, and am interested in the jewelry committee. Also, a non-member friend of mine already does wire wrapping jewelry, and makes earrings with polymer clay, wood and various other materials. She’s expressed an interest in checking out DMS and the jewelry area with me. Is there any specific time that would be ideal for us to come by so she can ask questions or be shown around by someone knowledgeable? Would the jewelry open lab a week from today with Sue Rogers be a good time for that? I know my friend can’t use any equipment without signing up and will have to sign a waiver, but I think she’d love it at DMS and in the jewelry committee. Thanks in advance!

Yeah, if you want to talk to some who knows the Jewelry area, Sue’s Open Lab would be a good choice for that.

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Thank you! :smiley:

As a general rule, you’re welcome to bring any non member any time and give them a personal tour. I do that whenever someone shows interest. We do have some great tour guides every Saturday morning for general knowledge tours. Any specific area, look for an office time like the one Sue is giving.

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Thanks JJ! Yeah, the tour Sam gave us on Saturday was fantastic. :slight_smile: It’s good to know that office time is usually good for more specific areas too though! :smiley: