When does each committee have meetings?

I was trying to set a hard date for some stuff and didnt want to overlap with other committees scheduled events, so I went looking for committee meeting days. found a few but not many.

All of these times and dates were pulled from the wiki

3D Fab - first Saturday of month at 6pm
Automotive - last Wednesday of month at 7pm
Blacksmithing - second Tuesday of month
Ceramics - first Tuesday of month 630pm
Creative Arts - first Monday 7pm
Digital media - last Tuesday 7pm
Electronics -
Glassworks - first Wednesday of month 7pm
Jewelry/Small Metals - third Tuesday 7pm
Laser - first Sunday of month 12pm
Machine Shop - fourth Saturday 5pm
Metal Shop - first Saturday 3pm
Motorsports - third Tuesday 7pm
Printmaking -
Science - second Sunday 230pm
Vector -
Woodshop -

It may help to get the a set date for committee meetings for those without them, a list of “office hours” for each committee would be helpful for new members as well.

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Creative Arts has shifted to First Monday, 7pm. I’m not sure how official that is – it’s how it was when I took office. For Sewing, my office hours have been pretty random, depending on how demand for things has been. Too often that’s a Monday night, and if I haven’t set it with somebody who needs something, it’s just me and my projects.

What’s your take – should I just change the wiki for the CA meeting, or should I make the committee vote?

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personally id just vote at the meeting since you have one set up. the wiki often gets forgotten but I figured having a list of them would be helpful.


I changed my original post to be a wiki post so anyone can edit the times as needed. dont forget to edit the time on the wiki


Jewelry looks like they’re the 3rd Tuesday, 7 pm. Sue knew when it was when it wasn’t on the Calendar, but I don’t know if that’s “set”, or if that’s when they agreed last month.

Last month, Printmaking was the 2nd Wednesday at 7. Nothing on the Calendar yet for October.

Science is 2nd Sunday at 2:30

Metal shop is still the first Saturday, and we just changed to 3pm. (I thought that was on the wiki??)

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are these repeating dates for them?

Science looks like they’re repeating. Metal shop is definitely repeating.

Jewelry might be repeating. We probably need to bump Printmaking, but I thought that one was supposed to repeat.

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Why not commit committees to dates by creating a common format for a sign to be posted in each area with the normal date? Second Tuesday of the month, etc. Might be more people show up if they can plan ahead.


I thought ours was updated. I will go update it. Blacksmithing is the second Tuesday every month.


Should be added that Chair elections should be happening October as well as April. Chair elections I believe require 14 days notice. I put Machine Shops meetings & election on the Calendar months in advance.


Hey Pearce,

Motorsports is on Thursdays, third Thursday for the committee meeting but our work sessions are (nearly) every Thursday, and sometimes on weekends as we approach a race.

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that was my idea too, same thing with an office hours date list

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If it isn’t written down, then there isn’t a solid commitment.

when I get back to a PC I will update the original, or someone else can, it’s a wiki post, so it’s editable by all