What's the new procedure for machine shop signoffs?

What is the new procedure for getting new members signed off for machine shop with the new social distancing rules? Thank you.

Original question posted by @got_tools in wood shop. (Posting to avoid need to split topic from wood shop thread)

The training process is actually unchanged; our classes were already very small due to limitations within the shop. The new knee mills aren’t in full service yet so we can’t expand the class even if we wanted to.

The first half of the sign-off is the Self-Study portion of the machine desired (bridgeports or lathes). These are a combination of the MIT machine shop videos and a quiz. Upon completion of the quiz, one can signup for a machine-side class. We use quiz completions to keep track of readiness to throw up a class. Classes for the lathe tend to only be a few people at a time, and I’ve often given 1:1 training for it. Classes for the bridgeports could get a little larger than the lathe (5-7 people), but we were always limited regardless due to space and one machine. For the time being the class size that seems to be fine is 3 people so they can space around machines and allow for keeping best practices.


Thanks, @hon1nbo