What's it take to use embroidery machines?

It’s completely possible I don’t know how to use the calender but I couldn’t find anything that looked like a class for the embroidery machines.

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Hi Josh! We are in transition right now and recently got a new to us nifty machine that goes well beyond the functions we had with the old one. @ladysandry teaches the embroidery machines and she has been learning all about our new one. We should have something up soon.


No word on dates? I’ve got a deadline and I’ll have to find another solution if there’s no embroidery options at DMS.

What’s your deadline? I can teach the embroidery machine, but the next 2 weeks are a bit crazy for me. @ladysandry also regularly teaches the embroidery machine.

I mean – we might be able to hash out a quick demo, just be aware of massive craziness.

The 16th is my deadline, I’d greatly appreciate a demo if we could work it out. Most evenings and nights I can get to the space.

Do you have a ready-to-run pattern?

I have a .svg

Single or multiple color design, what size, and what do you want to embroider on?

If it’s in svg doesnt it need to be digitized first?

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Yes, but what I’m asking helps to define how complex the digitizing will get. Could be a 10 minute job in SewArt, could be 2 hour slog…

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It’s just some lettering on a polo, 3 colors,3" are the most

Does the new one do hats?

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If it uses the same hoops that most Husqvarna machines have, a hat hoop is available to be purchased, but it’s not cheap.

Any updates on this?

What make/model is the embroidery machine?

Husqvarna has a staff inside JoAnn stores, and if it’s one of their brand, they might be willing to give you a demo.

I’m not signed off to use the new one, or I’d help you out.

In the meantime, if you absolutely need your design done and can pay for it, there’s an embroidery place in Westfield Mall in Plano that can probably do it quickly. (Call first to make sure the store is still there, because there’s been a lot of lease turnover lately).

Sorry guys, I’ve been MIA on talk and waiting for the teacher issues to get sorted. I haven’t taught sign off for the babylock in a while because of that. Tried to get a class up in July but honorarium was already full, sorry! August and Sept are pretty busy for me but I’m going to try and find a time that I can get up and teach it. Regarding the new machine, it has a lot more options but is naturally more complicated, it’s unlikely that a dual sign off is feasible in a 2 hour window. We dont have a hat frame for it.

Tl;Dr couldnt get a class posted in July before honorarium rain out and am looking for a time in August that I can manage.


Any chance there’s anyone at the space that could help tonight?

If you want a basic run-through on the Babylock, I could do that one.

If that will get some embroidery done, that’s exactly what I need.