What's cooking? Q1 Q2 2023

It turned out very nice! Especially the frosting. St. Germain is a great flavor with cream cheese. It’s got a more complex flavor than just regular lemon frosting.

Pancetta and mushroom calzone.
The dough is just store bought dough from WinCo. The stuffing is mozzarella and ricotta with pancetta and sauteed baby bella mushrooms.


The meatless meatloaf is excellent when reheated the next day.

I also use it in a copycat Wendy’s Chili recipe and it works well when reheated - I even freeze it for later use.

I think that because both of these recipes use the “ground beef” in combination with many other ingredients, they are as good (if not even better) the next day.

Sweet potato, shallot, pancetta and a fried egg.
Seasoned with some maple, cumin and black pepper.


Curried sweet potatoes with quinoa speckled rice and arugula mango salad.


Woke up this morning with a craving for poutine.
Just a quick and dirty verson.

The lighting in my place sucks sooo…
With flash

Without flash


W/O flash looks crispier! To me anyway. I do those in my air fryer, come out great. Smoother in sauces, mayo, gravy . . . absolutely no saving calories, just clean-up.


I made a carrot cake with pineapple compote filling/soak, and cream cheese frosting. Not gourmet. But damned good. Didn’t get pix, but wasnt about the look, anyway.


Here’s a huge charcuterie spread and a pot of chicken and cheese ravioli in a homemade tomato cream sauce. I made this for our 100000th anniversary.

Do the binary to decimal conversion for extra credit. :slight_smile:

The board layout is: Soppressata, Calabrese, and Pinot Noir salamis. Stone ground mustard, onion chutney, fig jam, sour cherry jam, and hazelnut butter. Toasted garlic, dates, dried apricots, and artichokes. Two English and one French cheeses, and some honeycomb



The toasted garlic took about 5 minutes to make and the olive oil left over was used to sweat the onions and garlic for the tomato cream sauce. You can get peeled whole garlic cloves in the refrigerated section of the Kroger produce area.

No Olive Oyl was harmed in the making of this dish.


I used to quote my age in HEX, but when I had to start using A’s and B’s (etc.), people got wise!


Got in the mood for some skyline chili and since a 20hr impromptu road trip to Cincinnati was out of the question, here we are.

I know it’s not everyone’s thing, but I dig it, lol


I’d get that at Steak N Shake. I wouldn’t say I loved it, My wife would ask why to I get it then. I’d tell her sometimes you need things that don’t taste fantastic to make you appreciate the things that do taste good.

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I never really cared for Steak N Shake, so I’m not real surprised to hear you got something there that you didn’t love.
Getting it from Skyline in Cincinnati (https://www.skylinechili.com/) or making it with your own ingredients tends to come out much better than Steak and Shake could ever put together.

It’s like comparing your own hickory fired fresh ground T-bone hamburger to Five Guys Burger and Fries.
Their both good, you just can’t really compare them, lol

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here is my attempt at a franceschina sandwich. It was delicious


Interesting. Do you cook any other Portuguese food? Or failing that, do you know of a Portuguese restaurant in DFW?

Had no idea homemade salsa was easy to make. Jarred salsa is dead to me now.


I make a Habanero pineapple salsa…

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There are obviously some great food makers at DMS! Have to admit my culinary skills are lacking with the exception of soup. I generally start with a Bourbon style base and maybe add a wee splash of Triple Sec for seasoning. The croutons are optional.