What to look for in class title for CNC?


Sorry, still new to this particular workshop area. What class title should I be on the lookout for if I want to get trained on the CNC router? I know a lot of things at Makerspace have different names than what I anticipate them to, thus why the question.


It usually has the word MultiCam in the title.

Also, while there is no guarantee that the instructor has selected the tool designator when he/she set up the class, filtering on the tool MultiCam CNC Router should do it.


PS. There are none on the calendar right now except for the proficiency test. You have to take the classroom portion first, and that’s not scheduled right now.


It’s also not a $5 class. Because of the scope of the knowledge imparted, and the desire to avoid $&@?-ing the equipment up, the initial class is $50 and the proficiency exam is an additional $20. And imho, worth every penny.


When I took the class, they also explained that the class fee supports buying cutter bits, etc.


Chris G. has recently been holding his classes on Mondays and Proficiency Tests on Thursdays.

Here’s the last course: https://calendar.dallasmakerspace.org/events/view/8440

He labels the course as CNC Router Class (Wood Only).


Thank you so much everyone! This is helpful!