What makes our Makerspace work?

I would like to write up an essay or perhaps something a little longer on why our maker space works.
To many in corporate america, it shouldn’t work but it does.

I’m asking all of you, why you think it works…

My long hidden write up on the Greenville Makerspace thread is a good place to build from.

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This is a fairly popular essay on software engineering. From what I’ve gathered, DMS lore from the start until recent years has paralleled the ‘bazaar’ style of development described in the essay. Recent events give me the feeling that we’re starting to lean towards the ‘cathedral’ methodology.

It’s a bit of a long essay, but it presents some really interesting contentions regarding why the bazaar style works (regardless of scale) even though to anyone outside it looks like it shouldn’t.


I’m interested to know how much of this does or could apply to us…