What kind of fonts do we have?

I have some boots that id want to add some old english/blackletter on it. Do we have the front?

@jnorine or @mreynolds

You can also use the 3d printers to generate an embossing die with whatever text and font you need.


Honeslty not sure, but I’ll be at the space in a couple hours and will grab a pic.


This is what we currently have complete sets of. We also have a bin of a partial sets/objects/etc that were donated and we kept even though they weren’t complete.


Thank you. Where would this bin be? I only need a couple letters and one number so fingers crossed

I would say “incomplete sets:” the last time I went to use the large letter stamps, a couple of letters were missing (either M or W, perhaps others).

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3D printing stamps works. Pretty easy to make in Tinker CAD, though the font selection there is not tailored for leatherworking.

Here’s a proof of concept stamp I made a while back. I pressed the stamp and a scrap of cased leather using a regular woodworking bench vise (a higher pressure press would have made a better impression).

If you go this route, remember to mirror the text.


How much infill did you use when you 3-D printed that stamp?

My guess would be a solid 100%, to avoid any flexing

Fairly high: 60%, IIRC.

I feel prints are more resilient with a less than 100% fill, but wanted it to hold up to the compression of the vise. 60% worked fine.

It’s not obvious in the photo, but I did ease the edges a little bit so that the edge of the stamp would not leave a mark if pressed too deep.


Thanks for the info, and the insight!

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Leftmost Leather cabinet, second shelf if I remember correctly.