What happens if I make a new account for DMS?

My old account got suspended when credit card expired, I settled up when I noticed the problem, but I’m having trouble getting reactivated. On my old account my invoice is up to date but still the account is suspended.

I thought about just making a new account, but I assume all my check offs, ability to login to computers, use fobbed equipment, and the like are connected to the account, not the name or e-mail or whatever? So it’d do me no good to just make a new account?

Correct- I believe all your AD assignments are based on your account. @Team_Infrastructure

Open a ticket with your existing account via [email protected]

you probably paid an invoice that had already expired.

Maybe knowing it’s the same person, it could be requested to transfer the AD stuff to the new account?

It is not recommended in the slightest to make new accounts like this for both technical and administrative reasons.

They can open a ticket to fix this since they paid a dead invoice

In the future when this happens they need to just order a new service on the same account rather than try and pay a past invoice for an expired membership.

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Making a new account makes no sense if someone is going to have to fix things for you either way.

Ah, good to know, thx

I think I did this already through the accounts system (accounts.dallasmarkerspace.org). Or are they different systems?

Same system; we just have a backlog of tickets we are working through.

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