“What did I do ‘wrong’?”, or Glaze Layering question

Hi all!

Trying to figure out some next steps and need some feedback/advice.

I’m layering some Potter’s Choice over a Celedon, and followed the directions on the sheet (3 layers of Celedon, then 3 layers of PC - letting each dry).

The base is a Mayco stoneware bisque that I picked up from American in Fort Worth.

Here’s what they were “supposed” to look like:

Here’s what I got:

Now, don’t get me wrong - they came out well! I’m just wondering if anyone has had experience getting the more pronounced colors out of a PC/Cel mix? It feels like the Celedon overwhelmed the top coat(?). And I also realize that this is as much art as it’s science - but I feel like I’m not in the ballpark at the moment.

My goal in the long term is to layer multiple PC over the Obsidian Celedon to get a galaxy effect, but I don’t want to add another glaze color until I can get this to work “right”.

Any advice?

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More Indigo Float and Blue Rutile on top half, the Amaco “coats” should be thicker than some other brands.

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Would you suggest possibly going to a 4th coat of one/both? Or would that be too much? My three coats weren’t “dip glaze” thick, but fairly significant.

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It’s possible depending on how thickly you glaze.

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Definitely needed more glaze at the top to get the flow. You can spray with hairspray to get tooth, then glaze again if you want to give it another shot.


Thank you both, @meanbaby and @Anette_Henningson! More glaze it shall be!

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I’ve had good luck doing bands over my base coats. Varying thicknesses and dobs here and there along the top. Don’t have a pic but the last one I did had 4 bands, that had a really nice galaxy effect with bands up top stopping half way or so.


I saw these on the shelf! They look amazing!

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Looks like too light of a glazing. Your pieces also have kind of fine details which may be tricky to play with that effect. Good luck on try 2.

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