What Are the Plastic Wire Holder Thingies in Electric Motors Called?

I have this old pool pump motor that was working when the pump needed replaced. The pump was kind of fused, necessitating removal of the whole motor to fenagle it…anyway, while attempting that repair all the plastic thingies in the ass end crumbled. It was “better” at that point to just replace the whole bloody mess, so I did. Now I have this perfectly functional 1.5hp motor sitting around doing nothing but needing cleaned up, repaired, and coupled to something fun. But I have no idea how to replace those…electric wiring holder thingies.
Maybe a pic will help?

The white bits still clinging to the ends of the wires, should be all one piece and bolted inside the cover.

Here’s the info plate if that makes any diff

I’m not sure there is a specific name beyond a terminal or interconnect board or block.

Looks like it may be a replaceable part though.

Also looks the motor may be a relabelled Regal/Rexnord.


Wiring Harness?

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Today, I learned 2 things: those plastic thingies are called terminal boards (at least in this case) and the folks who make them for this are pretty proud of 'em. Enough so that I think I need to move along, as I don’t actually have a project in mind anyway, and need the space back.

So, if anyone wants this thing for their own tinkering, make me an offer. Probably hitting CL/FBM sometime this evening for next-to-nothing (still under discussion) so shoot an offer my way.
I’m in The Colony if ya want it now, but can drop by the 'Space some other time if needed.

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