Wet saw for rock slicing


is the wet saw available for rock slicing? I have some interesting specimens to cut. I wonder if there’s a manual for it, or do they require training?

The training is pretty simple for that tool, it’s mostly about cleanup.

It is a small blade though so it’s pretty limited on what you can cut, and its not as thin a blade as the oil saw so the kerf is fairly big.

I can sign you off on it if you are around on Saturday after the tours.

I am also working on making all of the saws and cab machines online training, but that won’t be ready for a few weeks.

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The one I was shown had a vice on it, it looked big enough. I will try to be around, the time is opposite my schedule. thank you

If it was the big green one, it’s an oil saw. It works great but there are some stones you shouldn’t cut with oil, so we have a smaller tile saw we use for those.

As far as getting trained, I’m off work starting tomorrow. I can’t say exactly when I will be there but I know I’ll be there Saturday after I finish doing tours.

I had to look that up, I never knew that oil was used for the hardest specimens and thats what I mostly have: agate, quartz, petrified wood, some jasper.

The rock in the pic is a combination of different types of quartz, couple different ores, some feldspar?some banding. Im hoping the inside has some rose quartz.

All that will cut just fine on that saw.

That said, I’ll teach you on one of our agates because I don’t like teaching on stones people care about. Those classes tend to take forever. So I’ll show you the ropes on one of ours.


I just found this topic. I’d like training on the large rock/oil saw. I already received training on the smaller cab saws and grinding/polishing wheels down at Arlington Gem & Mineral. When is a good day snd time? Right now, my schedule is open.

Nancee … haven’t seen you in ages. Welcome back!

Thank you. Some new interests. Let’s chat if we see each other.

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