We're all in the wrong business


I swear, we’re all in the wrong business. Why didn’t I think to sell a bundle of artisnal sticks for $42!


Wildcrafting sassafras roots costs about the same. But at least they smell great!


Dang it, I was in Canada this summer, I could’ve imported tens of thousands of dollars worth of birch branches.


I’m going to hazard a guess that said selling a bundle of sticks for $42 is something that can only be done within specific contexts - such as an Anthropologie store - and the potential market is rather small. Indeed, with this publicity the market has likely contracted appreciably.


Yeah, Michaels and JoAnn will be jumping on this and running the price down.


In unrelated business, I think y’all will snort soda out of your nose at the ad popped up in the middle of tha news article.


So I was just walking through the cafeteria at work, and they have “fall” decor up, and there’s a bundle of birch sticks… :man_facepalming:


File under “Where did this years raises go?”