Welding training one-on-one

Howdy all, I’ve never used talk before so bear with me.
I checked on the DMS calendar and I don’t see any welding classes anytime soon. I have some projects coming up that need welds, would anybody be able to do a one-on-one with me and possibly my roomate? I would be willing to pay for your time.


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If you are ok with might I can train you on it

awesome, that works. when are you available?

I will be there sunday through Tues

Cool. I will be there on Monday, does any time work?

I am interested too.

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Here’s my number, guys

Have yall done the safety class?

I have not. Are you willing/able to? i don’t mind paying for your time

I dont mind

I meant to say MIG not might. If you’re ok with MIG then I can train you

I have not, but will as it becomes available.

I am interested as well. There are no welding classes at all on the calendar.

We have new instructors that are getting comfortable, as we ended up down to one instructor for a good part of this year.

One of them has a class that’s in the calendar queue, another has been ensuring they’re ready to teach a group.

In the interim if you can do the one-on-ones, or if you show up to a committee meeting, it’s how we’re helping with some of the load.

As a reminder, those with prior welding experience can do a “show me you can weld” after they’ve taken our hot process class and it’s a 10 minute test out.

Can you put the hot process class down on the prerequisite list on the class creation form?? I used “welding safety” which is close but not quite the same thing.

Set it as requires approval rather than a hard pre-req. Some people will sign up for a hot process class that won’t complete before they register for yours.

This allows you to check they’re signed up for a pre-req first.

perhaps you misunderstand, it does not exist on the list.

We know it doesn’t, because we don’t do a hard pre-req anymore but rather an approval required before registration.

I am sure I am the only one that does not know that.

So basically let’s say it’s Monday, and someone has a hot process scheduled on wednesday and wants to sign up for the welding class on Saturday.

The calendar can’t tell they’re setup for the class on Wednesday in such a way as to let them register for the Saturday welding class.

When we separated the safety from the core classes into a unified class, this is what became a bit of a snafu. As a newer instructor I apologize if it wasn’t made clear at some point.

The welding safety is the AD group that hot process currently uses (though it is being moved over for clarity), however that just allows one to verify they’ve taken it but doesn’t factor in to class registration

When could you do mig class or one on one?