Welding / Plasma cutting

I’d like to learn how to cut with a plasma cutter and weld with a TIG, MIG, and Stick. I recently bought my own equipment to do those at home, but have no idea how to do it other than what I’ve watched on YouTube. I’m restoring a 68 mustang and want to do most of the work myself.

I’ve read that the Hot Process Safety Class is required before learning these. Is there someone who can teach me/sign me off for these or is there a class that may come up soon on how to do this?

Thanks, Brad

@dryad2b usually teaches hot process class, there are several of us teaching mig and tig and plasma, I’m tied up for another week trying to get a fence rebuilt before it gets hot. Sometimes we can do plasma class after the metalshop meeting, next meeting is this sat at 3. Start with mig welding if you haven’t welded before, tig is harder, very frustrating when I was first learning but I tend to do tig more at home because its quieter and I like to listen to music

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My time is currently pretty weird. Plus, classes have to be loaded to the Calendar roughly 6.5 days out.

So we’ve got 2 choices – Thursday 5/12 at 8pm, or Monday 5/16 at 7pm.

I could do the 12th

Okay. I just loaded the class. It will take 72 hours from now (1pm 5/4) (that’s 3 exact days) to show up so that people can sign up. Also, there’s a small lag (maybe 15 minutes???) from when the class first pops up on the calendar until it’s actually open. Might be less, but that means we’ve got folks who are very quick on the trigger.


And just to be clear for those coming in late – that’s the Hot Process Safety class.

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Brad. I’ve been restoring my 67 mustang that was my original first car from 80’s. Let me know if you have any questions or want to share progress.

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Awesome, I’ll defiantly have a lot of questions.


Brad, you might want to look into Max Holthaus’ (Mrhoulthaus) sheet metal classes. He is very skilled and knowledgeable in auto body work. You can PM him and learn more.
There are many folks here who have similar skills and are very willing to help smooth out the learning curve.

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I accidentally canceled my registration for this safety course. Is there any way I can register again? The events page will only show me my cancellation when I attempt to look again.

Just show up. Beth is pretty flexible on attendees

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Yeah – like Randy said, just show up. It is a flaw in the Calendar that as soon as you register, it brings up the cancellation page. And that’s Final. Try not to do that to other classes.

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Interested in welding class

Yes, I am interested in a welding class.