Welding job (some cutting involved)

Looking for someone to build a box for us at work, and need pricing quotes.

Box will be 63" by 25" by 5", and made from 1" hot rolled mild steel angle and 1" bar mild steel.
If I’ve added up all the welds correctly it would be about 42" total length of weld bead needed.

We want 45 degree joints on the face, otherwise just perpendicular 90 degree flat cuts are fine.
I will do all of the needed drilling/countersink work prior to assembly, but would need help on the initial cuts.
Rough scale drawing included below. The back section will be constructed over a wood platform, so only the front face and top/bottom will be steel.

What thickness on the bar and angle?

Angle - https://www.coremarkmetals.com/hot-rolled-steel-equal-leg-angle

Bar - https://www.coremarkmetals.com/hot-rolled-steel-flat-bar


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What’s the tolerance for out-of-square post welding? There’s going to be some draw with a box that size and you may need to do intermittent welding, pre-heat, or drilling/tapping post welds depending on your tolerances.

Edit: Also, just rough numbers how much weight/force will it need to hold up to?

Pretty square, we keep to under 1/8" (preferably under 1/16") out of square on jobs this size.
The welded box will be bolted to a sheet of plywood as the back/base, so it will have a fixed in-square anchoring point.

Weight - plexiglass sheet plus inner wooden frame for a total of no more than 15 pounds, pretty much static loads. All of the movement forces are on a separate slider drawer that this case will cover.

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