Welding intensive

Hi I am not sure this is the right place but maybe someone can direct me. I am not yet a member, but considering it if it fits the bill. I have taken multiple intro classes in stick, MIG/fluxcore, TIG over many years but through a lot of moves have never been able to stick with a solid regimen. Now I want practice and to level up but I am having trouble finding a good middle ground between the same 101 classes and full commitment, career-track courses at trade school. I have a lot of free time for a short period of time, so I would even be interested in paying someone for privates if that is something that’s possible through the space. Thank you

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Hmm. Well, our regular courses are definitely in the 101 category. I teach MIG, and my skills are basically the 101 version. That said, we do have some good welders around (they’re just usually too busy to teach).

For the membership ($60/month), you could potentially practice all you want. You’d need to provide your own consumables and project metal. Naturally, with MIG consumables are provided – $1/3 minutes welding time.

I’ll let the others chime in. I can’t promise anything for anybody else…

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Once you get through basic safety and where things are stored then you need to spend time practicing. Check Westex iron and metal north of downtown fort worth for scrap metal. Start with mig. Don’t scribble with the weld puddle, you need a very steady movement, I almost always use my left hand to brace my right hand when welding, pay attention to the nozzle distance, edge of weld puddle, and sound of the arc.

Too much smoke and spatter with stick welding, but learn that second, good for outdoors in windy condition. My first welder came with fluxcore, it spatters and smokes too much for me. Learn to mig before tig, I stuck the tig electrode in the puddle hundreds of times, and then had to stop and sharpen it when learning tig. Wood turning and tig welding were my most frustrating skills to learn.

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One reason that I teach MIG is just that – I was going to have to practice the nuances of TIG in order to teach it, and all you really need for MIG is running a good bead.