Welding Certificate

I’m a full time welder, but never got certified. I’m wondering if anyone here knows a inspector to contact about doing a certification test.

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@FriendlyTitan hasnt been to DMS in a while but he is a certified welder. @malcolmputer dad is a certified welder. @troyolivieri works for a welding supply.

Maybe one of them can chime in here.

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Also @davrynel is involved with AWS.

Also your certs expire, so you need to stay on top of it.

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Everyone I know just has it done as part of their job. I don’t know any inspectors.

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What are you trying to certify to?

Just as an FYI, welding certs in the US aren’t like licenses. As in once you have them you don’t get a card or something you can put down on a resume.

Any shop that does code work will require you to get qualified for the procedure, this is what people call “certified”.

If you want to pass say a d1.1 test you can say you’re “qualifiable/certifiable” for the procedure but if they are doing actual code work they will have you test at and accredited test facility or by a CWI on staff and log your test and qualify you for that process. If you need to do a different process outside the scope of your qualification then you would also be qualified to that.

If you just want to test to a specification to say you can do it I know a few people who may or may not charge for it.

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Meant to reply to @KrazyKars oops.


There are alot of places in the metroplex area, look up welder qualification and tou should be able to find some.

Ive sent someone here before Welder Qualification | Steel Inspection, Welder Qualification Testing: Dallas-Fort Worth, TX.

Most companies i deal with dont care about what cert you have… their gonna test you anyways…


For the record David was the first person I thought of but I couldn’t remember his talk handle

Thanks for the info. sorry for delayed reply. Ya, i was just wanting to practice stick since i’ve been doing just Tig and Mig for awhile now. Then hopefully take cert test, to put on my resume, to make it easier to get a job out of state.

Last few days though I’ve been thinking that a cert may not be worth the trouble, cuz I’m losing interest in welding as a career.

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