Weird Computer Issue

I am having a weird issue with my [Laptop] when I plug it in to charge it, it cycles between:
“battery on” and “plugged in” every second
and the computer gets very very hot, and the battery doesn’t charge. If I shutdown the computer and plug it in, the laptop doesn’t get hot and fully charges, when I power it on while it is still plugged in it also is fine, but if I take out the charging wire and plug it back in to the laptop it stars the on/off cycle again.

I initially thought it was just a loose or bad female connector in the laptop, but it seems to be a software issue?

Any thoughts on what I should search on google to solve my issue? Ive already done quite a bit of searching and not coming up with anything.

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Any thoughts on what I should search on google to solve my issue?

Tom's Hardware guide and PDF's on A+ cert / laptop repair.

But this does sound like it might be a bad battery controller, couldn’t say unless it’s tested. Easiest thing to do is to take a voltmeter and test the connections plus the traces on the battery controller.

Another test is to boot it up without the batteries installed but on ac power.


Did you get your laptop’s gremlins wet?

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My guess would be bad battery.

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I would say it is probably a bad battery charge controller chip. One of the sense lines is not functioning. Often they will use a surface mount fuse or zero ohm resistor.

As many point out you need to confirm the battery is not suspect.


2nd try another battery