Wednesday Daytime Study Group for Ruby on Rails classes

Meets Wednesday, 10-3-ish, heavy on the “ish”.
Drop-in study group for DayMakers taking @Kirk_Keeter’s Ruby and Design Patterns tracks.

Wherever you are in the study process for the classes is immaterial. We work at our own paces. It’s more fun together & away from the distractions of home, plus if you get stuck, someone has your back (or will at least feel your pain!). No room reserved & not on the calendar - but you can find us usually in the Lecture Hall where we can talk shop without disturbing Others-Not-in-Ruby-Class-(But-We-Wish-They-Were) and make use of the white boards.

EDIT: If you’re on FB and like reminders, we’ve got a FB event for you… Can’t access it? You probably not on the closed FB group. Post here and we’ll get you added.

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The ladies (and potential gentlemen) that are in this day time study group are doing awesome work. AND they’re very, very helpful to others.

If you’re out of work and/or free during the days, I highly recommend hanging out with them and upping your programming game.


We’re now on the calendar for next week with the Conference Room reserved. Thanks @StanSimmons for teaching me how to set up an event.

Bump. We now have our own Talk category and this post has been updated. Thank you, @LisaSelk!
Daytime Study Group is on for tomorrow, Ruby Warriors. Conference Room.

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