Wax injector accident during open house


Thank you again Jeff, they did comment about using a whole roll of paper towels, haha.


Today I changed my bandages and it looks like Amber Sweet’s fallen face in Repo the Genetic Opera, and pain instantly shot from 2 to 7, so had to go back to Tramadol. I really just wanted to post this update because the Amber Sweet comparison was too good.


Tramadol is the devil. I’d rather bite a cork than suffer that nausea. Sounds like it has the same affect on you if you’ve never been prescribed it before.

Good vibes for your quick healing.


Heal well! Get better! Don’t get addicted to the knife (and the zydrate)!


Please do keep us in the loop, even without great analogies.


Amen sista’ Gabapentin is too, and try taking both. Grrrrrr… Oh I feel faint!


Just confirmed that my medical bills (not including my haircut) are going to be over $1k by the time this is all said and done (still going to burn clinic every couple of months and no idea yet if I’m going to need laser surgery).

If anyone wants to commission me for a basic piece of fabricated jewelry to help me out, that would be great, just be warned I don’t underprice my work like I see a lot of around here (people please stop undervaluing yourselves).


I am sorry the road to recovery has been that rough.

Did you save some of that hair for a 10x10?


I did actually lol, thought I might throw it on a canvas at some point but didn’t think about the 10x10 show.


Aside from the medical bills, recovery is going well, some small scarring, not sure how bad it will be when all is said and done but I wouldn’t think laser surgery will be a medical necessity. Wearing a compression sleeve every day for the foreseeable future, they said a year but I hope they can drop it to 6 months. We’ll see. Next checkup is in January.


This is good. And a very true point on how we value ourselves.


Thank you to everyone for the compassion and support you’ve given Hannah. However, we all know how quickly medical bills can add up. I’ve put together a fundraiser to help Hannah with some of the expenses. Please give what you can, every bit helps!


If all our members gave $1 we would hit her goal. This should be possible. I’ll be donating today.

@Team_Moderators can we get the gofundme post split into a new topic and sticky it for a week or until the gofundme goal has been met/surpassed?


Oh dang:( I’ll put in a donation when I get paid tomorrow.


All I have to say is WOW! In 24 hours we raised over $600 or 30% of our goal. BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed!! Let’s keep the momentum going today and see if we can get to the halfway mark and reach $1K today. Like @indytruks138 said if everyone only gave a dollar we’d be at goal. Please share, encourage and remind others to give what they can!


As this apparently won’t split off I’d create a new post about helping a fellow member injured at open house. Many people won’t look into this post and therefore don’t know there is now a gofundme.


This might be a little late, but Vitamin E oils can really help with scarring. Lots of pregnant women use it to reduce stretch marks, but it works with all scars.


Thanks for the reminder. I hope the community can come together to help her.


The turn-out is great … just $5 donation helps the total grow. Lots of small donations help the cause of helping to take care of one of our own.


I want to thank everyone for their overwhelming support, including this fundraiser Joseph set up and anyone who has bought work from me. Your generosity has really moved me and I am determined to pay it forward.

In a final(?) update, I’ve been discharged from the burn clinic as of this month, and am not a candidate for laser surgery as it is healing pretty well. Thanks again for all the well wishes. :slight_smile: