Wax injector accident during open house


When I was setting to to do my wax injecting demo for JSM, the wax injector popped its lid and erupted all over my front left side, and I ended up with a 2nd degree burn and my hair and shirt full of wax. I definitely made mistakes (such as not having my hair pulled back as I should always do in the workshop), but overall it seems to be an equipment malfunction as determined by Joseph, so that tool will be out of commission until someone can fix it.

I would like to thank everyone that helped me out today with this incident. I don’t know everyone’s names, but especially to the guy who bandaged my arm, and Kris for driving me to the ER. This really is a great community, and I figure I was lucky to have it happen during this important and stressful event since there were so many capable people available to assist me, haha.


That’s not how you get a bikini wax

All joking aside I’m glad your okay.


Ouch and damn. Glad you’re at least half way OK though.


Words fail. And clicking the like icon seems inadequate. That you would even have the wherewithal to post amazes me, Hannah. I find myself of two minds: horrified at your injuries and relieved they are not worse.


I think everyone is happy that it wasn’t worse. thank you for your dedication and I’m sorry this happened.


I think I’ve done so well dealing because I’ve seen it happen to someone else before when I was going to school, ON HIS FACE! (and he deliberately opened the lid while the air pressure was on, this is not a normal thing to happen at all). And I was planning on chopping that many inches soon so I got very lucky.


Oh im so sorry you got hurt. Was it determined what the malfunction was?


@MossAgate Hannah, your poise yesterday was remarkable. You handled the incident and yourself with such calm grace. Just as impressive as you writing this kind post.

Jeff was the one that bandaged you. Jayson was there as well helping.


You are most welcome. I’m just thankful it wasn’t any worse.

Did the nursing staff laugh at my Betty Crocker bandage attempt? :wink:



Silvadene !


I second this. I dropped boiling water on my foot this summer and I was amazed at the speed of healing.

Sorry you are dealing with this, happy it’s taken in stride and you has so many people surrounding you to help.


Was extremely concerned and glad to hear you are doing better.


Thanks for the post Hannah, and i’m glad that the response was quick and you’re doing better. I heard about the accident fromTom Cook, the person that got distilled water on your burn right after this happened. He doesn’t do TALK, but I’ll pass your report along.


They gave me some at ER! And I think I have an RX for more on order.


Update today, took nasty oozing bandages off tonight and tried to clean it, was halfway through rewrapping it when I started feeling faint. Not sure if it’s the Tramadol in my system that my normal meds don’t seem to play nice with, or the horror show it has become. I won’t subject anyone to photos. Now I’m drinking ginger tea trying to calm this nausea. :persevere: Follow up at burn care center is tomorrow.

And my wonderful hair stylist came in on his day off to take care of me, I got a lot of the wax out on my own and he used some salon grade wax remover to get the rest of the residue, but alas my ends were just fried so they had to come off.

@meanbaby According to Joseph there’s a pressure regulator that did not perform its duty.


I hope you have a speedy recovery


I want to thank everyone that came to aid and support Hannah this weekend. The compassion and care from everyone has been impressive. There is no doubt Hannah is a trooper and one tough cookie, but I do wish her a speedy recovery.

This piece of equipment has been taken out of service. We will be replacing the intake regulator and adding a new safety valve to prevent any such accidents in the future.


Glad you are doing ok.
My wife has had similar results with Tramadol in the past.


May not be worth the effort, but I have some lidocaine 5% in petroleum goop that you can have and mix with the silvadene. It will keep it rather numb and is safe to use in the area in the amounts required. I’m typically in North Dallas area btw, PM if interested.


Hannah - I was the spectator there when the wax blew up on you. I’m glad you’re okay and that most of your hair survived. :smile:

I got 2 bad burns on my leg from motorcycle exhaust pipes. It looks awful for a long time before it finally heals from the inside out. Keep it covered. Silvadene cream is great.

Thank you for the informative conversation before this incident. I hope to see you again soon, fully healed!