Watch Case/Crystal Press

Good morning. Was wondering if anyone had a favorite watch press?

Mostly for pressing cases for batteries, but might also eventually try a crystal replacement. I was intending to skip the budget lever presses, and was considering an E25 (click here), but figured I’d see if anyone had thoughts on the matter. I know I can rig up something at home, but I’ve broken a crystal in the past and would prefer a purpose-built tool for $100 or less. Thanks for your feedback.

@keoliver … your thoughts?

This style of press is the best and most versatile. Much more controlled than a lever press. If you can’t afford a Swiss horortec or Bergeron , these Asian are perfectly fine. I have a $200 vevor Asian press that I use more than my $1000 Bergeron press . Try to get one that will use Swiss style press does. I think that device listed will . Hope this helps . (In case you wondered I am a WOSTEP trained watchmaker . )

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