Warhammer 40k Intetest

Looking for people playing or interested in playing Warhammer 40k. I’m playing kill team team which is a smaller army (cost) stand alone game in the Warhammer universe.


I would be interested. Would preexisting minis be usable or is this a special set? I have a Space Marines army.

My son (17) just started getting interested in Warhammer 40k. He’s painting his armies now and would like to move on to creating terrain and playing of course. So I’d be I terestes in bringing him along to support his new addiction.

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Can pick a kill team from existing army. Team has 12 to 20 models depending on mission. Space marines are a strong army.
Which faction do you have?

What armies do you two have? Much easier/faster to get a kill team painted up. Even I have at least paint on all my minis

I too am interested in building terrain.

I have an Astra Militarum squad of mostly scions. Mere mortals in the imperium armies.

Putting together an orc squad. The orcs look like a lot of fun to play.

I see something that embraces the diy aspects of the game. Game and Make.
Make the terrain used to game. Can be general or mission specific.
Build and paint minis
Make battlefield board

Been working on train for a dessert ruins battlefield. This is a corner piece.

Except i can’t seem to upload image…

Imperial Guard squad of mostly Storm Troopers. The Sledgehammer of the Emperor.

I’m a W40k Player got sisters if interested

I have some Eldar and Necrons. Xenos for the win.

Sorry for late response. Sounds like we have enough interest.
Do we want to set up a time to meet and talk, paint, build, whatever?
My schedule is pretty flexible.

Lord Commissar Bones

totally unrelated but does anyone have 3d stl files of warhammer units. no reason.

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There are some on thingiverse…just need to find creative search terms…“sci-fi marines” I think is one.

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I’m out here looking for a private tracker of warhammer warez :wink:

I also just finished painting my first mini in about 8 years.


That looks dope.

Thanks, I am still playing with what I want my final look to be. I am working mini #2 now, still have lots to go on it.

I am liking how the black it turning out on this mini much more. The details pop a lot more. Flat black base coat + white wash + really thin dark brown wash.


I finished the second mini last night. I am pretty ambivalent about the result. I definitely have a way to go before I have a solid paint plan for my whole army.