Visiting hacker after lunch today

I’m from Baltimore and traveling, want to show some local friends the space rust. We’re going to miss the 10-12 window today but can so by after lunch, around 1:30?

I run and and have been on Adam Savage Tested a few times, most recently doing the Han in Carbonite build.

Maker#7764 on discord

@Julie-Harris @dryad2b Dunno if you’ll be around or can tag someone who will be. I’m not in today.

I’m at work. Won’t be around until after 6 pm.

If you can wait until 3 or 4, I’ll be in to give you a tour

We just got to Babe’s and it’s close so I was hoping to rally people from my group after this to go there. If there’s no guide available we shouldn’t bother coming, right?

What’s tomorrow look like? We might be able to do 3 today

I’ll be in from 9 - 1 for blacksmithing tomorrow.

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I will be around in the afternoon tomorrow and would be pleased to do a tour for you . Let me know when you can come and I will meet you .


Thanks guys! I’ll be back in October and will be sure to visit then. I hope y’all can help out with the next sculpture; we’re starting tomorrow.

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Very cool sculptures!