(Virtual) DMS Coder Night #2 this Tuesday (3/24) @7pm

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A meetup, virtual for now, where 0-2 talks will be given on software development topics, e.g. “Here’s the basics of iOS development”, “How to make a basic website with React”, “The story of how I fixed this nasty bug”, “Why MVC is terrible”, etc. followed by some time for socializing, working on projects, and/or chatting among developers (not necessarily about development).

This Week’s Topic
I will be walking through how to make Pong for iOS. Following along on your machine is not recommended as you will get more out of the talk by just listening and asking questions. I’ll cover some basic iOS concepts. You’ll get the most out of this if you’re already familiar with iOS development, but I’m good at explaining the concepts simply so I encourage everyone to join and see what they can get out of it. You can also stick around afterward and get a more in-depth explanation if, for example, you have no coding experience at all.

Preview the agenda (Google Slides) here

I’m experimenting with different days at the moment, but I hope to make it repeat weekly 7pm-11pm. This one is this coming Tuesday, 3/24, at 7pm.

Google Meet for now, and then I’ll book rooms once the doors open back up at the space.
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You should be able to access the Google Meet video conference by viewing the event and clicking on a button to join, but if not, you can join with the Google Meet app or you can join by phone: +1 252-656-5533‬ PIN: ‪376 114 215‬#

To build community. The goal is to support a community of developers, and eventually inspire people proficient in some area of software development to teach classes. I’m hoping that students from classes will join the meetup and developers from the meetup will be inspired to teach more classes.

There are many software developers at the space. I know we have a Linux user group on Saturdays and Robot Builder’s Night Out. I’m hoping the format of presenting and socializing will draw some people from those groups as well as other members (and non-members of course!) so that we can share our knowledge and war stories with each other.

This is inspired by NSCoderNight, which I attended regularly in Chicago and Seattle. About NSCoder Night


Also, we’ll be adding audience-sugested features (or just bullshit like generating a new ball every 0.1 seconds) at the end. That’s usually pretty fun.

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Some photos from the first time I gave this talk:



I’m curious where was this hosted? with the lockdown i recommend simply using Streamlabs OBS and hosting them on twitch? Might make it more fun / work flow better. Include a public facing repl.it or something so we can see the code going as well.

Google meet ups might be too short range if you’re looking for longevity.

his intent is not broadcast but collaboration… twitch is not designed to allow someone else to stream in the middle etc. Raffi was doing a collaborative class online.

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I wouldn’t call it a class, more like a talk, and we were supposed to open it up for socializing afterward but it was just two people at that point and the other person had his mic turned off.

It’s really supposed to be a talk given by a speaker followed by just open chit-chat while working on your own projects.

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Like I said, those photos are from the first time I gave the talk, which was in 2018. This time the talk was given via Google Meet, which is video conferencing software. I shared my screen and was able to demo stuff. But speakers are welcome to try different software during the coronavirus stuff.

@brenly starting now

I’d say it was a success! Ben and Josh Showed up and we had a surprise visit from Thomas (Stilwell, of electronics)

Pretty good considering I just did the talk on Saturday.