Vintage Computer State of the Committee


As acting chairman, I appreciate all of the support the membership has provided and continue to work towards achieving our adjectives. In this endeavor I have reached out to Pearson VUE to partner with them for providing onsite certification testing for CompTIA Linux+, Server+, Project+, and Security+ certifications.

We are also seeking a partnership with either amazon, safari books, IEEE, and/or O’Reilly publishing to offer full access for up to date technology manuals to the membership whom wish to expand their skill sets in IT, Software development, Computer Engineering, and Project management.

The committee has been looking into platforms for student testing that we can utilize and have a few candidates that are looking promising, one of such is and these will be complimentary to lecture classes held at the space via and google hangouts.

Going forward we will also have a lot more hack-a-thons available for Tensorflow, InfoSec, and General development under the Code Slinger and Midnight Hacker Events. These events are geared to community building, network, and idea sharing more than general lessons or skill training. We would strongly encourage all to submit slide decks and to attend since this will be a great opportunity to get your project heard and have a little hands on help by fellow talented makers. On occasion the lucky winner would receive prizes either from Thinkgeek, Micro Center, or a related certificate voucher depending on the event. Some catering will also be provided.

Several contests and other committee events will also be going up on the event calendar over the coming year ranging from:

  • Art designs
  • Case modding and HID hacking
  • Awards for Teachers of the Committee
  • Game design / Demoscene
  • Code Golf
  • Volunteer Opportunitees

We have come a long way from a simple BBS and dumb terminals. Over the past year we have had several packed classes for programming, launched a successful museum with a lot of donations. Partnered with Launched a public community compute grid, several cloud based instances of classic servers, and acquired a extensive library of software and tech manuals all of which is being made available to the membership and committee members via a login into the committees’ ownCloud instance. Speaking of web apps, we are also on YouTube, Hackaday, Google Community and been actively working towards providing development opportunites to the board and the membership as a whole,

Membership has grown as well over the year, we would like to thank several of our members for their contributions:

  • @pendragyn for his donation of Solaris 2.1, 8, and 9.
  • @Bill for his continued active use of the C128 to develop his python implementation for 6502.
  • @wandrson for being excellent with contributions on the Vintage Computer’s section of the form
  • @lukeiamyourfather for his donation of the mac pro which we are actively working to restore for use as a open stack server and gpu compute node.
  • All the members that have supported us, attended our events, and held classes for the committee.

Remember, our one year anniversary is coming up quickly too, be sure to post your ideas up on talk and discord so we can do something amazingly fun for this year.

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