Viking Embroidery Machine

Last weekend @redslashace and I learned how to use the viking embroidery machine. We used inkstitch plugin for Inkscape to digitize the design.

Used this tutorial for threading and bobbin winding

Not sure how much of a class is needed but I plan on doing a step by step write up next time I use it.


Digitizing is, by far, the more difficult part!


This is so cool! A write-up would be great.

Patch turned out pretty nice. I found quite a bit out tonight: you might have to manually order your paths in Inkscape to prevent a mess of crossing stitched, you have to draw a line or contour to make satin stitches (border oval of patch) and figure out what underlay stitches you need, the fabric I found is slightly stretchy so I need to tension it more or iron onto stabilizer.


Please do, and please post it to the Wiki for future reference.