Viking Embroidery Machine -- Anybody know the reason? 2023/06/09

When we got the Viking, somebody felt that it would be bad to use magnetic hoops.

Does anyone remember why we thought that was a bad idea?

@Hardsuit ? @jrkriehn ? @Edenblue ? @ladysandry ?

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I’m not sure about the initial reason, but from past embroidery experience - magnetic hoops do not hold well/are easy to slip accidentally.

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Yeah, but does that mess up the machine? Or just the thing you were trying to embroider?

I have to admit – that would make it more of a super-advanced class/user to allow, given the average DMS’ers capacity for frustration.

A little bit of both. And tbf it usually only mattered at a bit higher of speeds but…
A couple things I’ve seen happen when the hoop pops out/slides:

  • Just the embroidery gets messed up because of sudden slack, annoying but not damaging
  • The hop flipping under tension/hitting the needle/get striked, a bit more of a problem
  • The sudden loss of tension on the material can jam the needle/cause a strike or tug against the assembly.

None of these really cause major major issue, they are just annoying/at worst a bit of damage to your material or needle.


Everything Ive read says the magnetic hoops arent compatible with the SE. Possibly because it is also a sewing machine? I have a Janome and spent the money to buy a dime hoop and I absolutely hate it.


Magnetic hoop = metal hoop and fabric is held in place with magnets placed on top?

If so, I know of lots of people who swear by them for specific use cases, but I get the impression that they’re very experienced in general use and setup for embroidery. It would definitely be a higher level of knowledge needed for effective use, and would probably be out of the knowledge range of most DMS users.

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Something about the hat hoops makes them magnetic. And, yes, that’s definitely a special-use case. While it’s a question every once in a while, I don’t think I’d want to encourage anybody. Certainly my machine-embroidery skills are too low level for me to help somebody try to embroider hats.

I vaguely remember being the person who did the research. Something I read said that the mag hoops would damage that machine.


@John_Marlow, I think we both waded into this the last deep dive.

What I remember is that the magnetic hoops for this machine are not that impressive. Which is common for this style machine from many manufactures. They are effectively a metal hoop with loose magnets as @Hardsuit mentioned. I don’t believe the magnets themselves would ever damage the machine. This issue come in your material and backing not being held well. Which could lead to needle breaks and jamming from material bunching. But, in many cases this would likely ruin the project rather than the machine.

In the end, I’m still in agreement with the general view of this discussion. Magnetic hoops for the Viking are neither impressive or honestly needed for the DMS. The projects they are best suited for can already be done, by hooping the backing, then attaching your material to the backing outside of the hoop. The solution may be teaching this method, over purchasing a magnetic hoop.


Viking’s official hoop compatibility chart shows no magnetic hoops compatible with our machine.

Viking’s hat hoop is an add-on to their 180 x 130mm magnetic hoop, which isn’t compatible with our SE.


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