VCC elections 5/15


Please consider the following post to be public notice that I, Doug Emes, a member in good standing, to hereby assign my proxy for the committee voting for VCC to Dwight Spencer @denzuko.
I realize he is running for election again, and I support him for trying to bring the committee into the post expansion world of the DMS. My proxy includes any votes brought forth during the committee meeting.

This proxy will self revoke June 1st, 2019.

Sincerely, Doug Emes



I know this is off topic but it reminds me of inspector gadget. This message will self destruct.

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And while I remember those days, I have to say, my kids had better cartoons, can we get a H E double hockey sticks Yeah for Phineas and Ferb?

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OMG, we need to beg Disney to let them be our mascots,
as they:
Pick a project
Execute It
invite friends
and clean up afterwards!

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