Vcarve Pro Access

@bertberaht is going to teach a private class to some of us on the Multicam machine he owns. I would like access to the Makerspace edition of Vcarve Pro. Is this possible or do I have to actually take a class at DMS? If this is the case I’ve taken the class it has just been many years ago. @AlexRhodes was the woodshop chair at the time.

Another question is do we have the box making gadget installed: Box Creator | V9 | Vectric Gadgets

We all have access to an edition of VCarve that is fully functional but won’t export GCode.

Please keep in mind that our licensing terms with Vectric only allow the use of our Makerspace edition of VCarve Pro with CNC machines located at the Makerspace itself.

There are up-to-date instructions to properly install and use the Makerspace edition with our machines on Source. Search for ‘Vcarve’.

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For clarity: the g-code files saved by the copy installed at DMS can only be used with DMS machines. Since the “home” versions won’t save g-code, it’s moot with respect to them.

Designs created by the “home” version can be opened with any licensed “full” copy and then used with that licensee’s CNC machine.

Thanks for sharing. I wonder though if you have tested this scenario specifically? My own experience is that if you have a makerspace edition installed at home and it’s using a makerspace ID those toolpaths can only be exported from the associated makerspace fully licensed machines. I’m basing this on the the fact that I initially had the wrong makerspace ID on my home edition and when I brough my toolpaths to the space I could not complete the export on our fully licensed machines.

What I’ve not tested though is if I could export on a non-makerspace fully licensed version.

I haven’t tested it and I based my comment on my understanding of the license agreement, not any technical restrictions that might actually exist. It’s definitely worth looking at but I don’t own a fully licensed copy of VCarve (yet).

FWIW, those working with me and my machines only need dxf or stl exports. Getting VCarve files isn’t required and would not work anyway due to version mismatch. My Aspire is V10 and I presume DMS is on V11 of VCarve.