VCarve 11.x is now on the Jump Server

Just wanted to thank @Evan_Lott & team for installing the VCarve V 11.x software on the Jump Server several days ago. We have been testing it for a few days now and it seems to be working fine. There are still many lessons to learn and share regarding how the shared tool database functions.

If you have a Windows based computer, just download the software from Vetric and run locally.

The Jump Server is great if you use OSX, or are using a shared computer.

Special note to aspiring Multicam users:
If you are not already a “real” CAD user, you really should download the software and go through the included tutorials. This is the software we support as the design and tool path source for the machine.

Thanks again @Evan_Lott !


Any chance we could also use Jump to export toolpaths?

If you mean export the gcode, yes, that is the primary difference between the jump server version and the “free” version we can use at home - the ability to generate and save gcode.

Yes, technically it could be done. The primary reason we don’t is that our license is restricted to five designated seats .

Just another reason I hope the plastics committee takes advantage of the license that was earmarked for installation at the Shakeepoo machine.

In theory could the jump server qualify as a “designated seat”? I was thinking that would be better than the dedicated machine in the community room.

The spirit of the license is that people have to visit the facility in order to save tool paths. I expect it also reads that way.

Has saving tool paths become point of friction already?
We will be loading a copy on a teacher’s computer in the computer lab soon.

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Every user who saves toolpaths does so on the jump server. It’s always been that way.

The license restriction is that the generated g-code can only be used on a DMS machine (as opposed to using the jump server to generate g-code to use on a home machine).

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Nope. Not any.longer. We are using the MakerSpace version now. You ,can do everything on your own computer except save the tool paths. This does not mean you cant create them, just that the little floppy disc icon only works on the computers with full versions loaded on them at the space. If this such an issue you can purchase a full license from Vetric.

Why is this such a big issue? What am I missing?

@swa it’s not a ‘big issue’, it’s was a question and I appreciate the answer(s) and clarifications. In my mind being able to do everything from Jump would be maximally flexible for our users however I understand, based on the information you shared here, that is not aligned with the Makerspace license. Question answered.

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No foul. The “big issue” question was for @puppyhead.
We want to provide as much capability as possible. Personally I’m on a Mac and don’t get the direct benefit of the new setup. But it seemed having the ability to load a copy of the software on a home machine outweighed keeping the old setup, and older version of the software(9.x vs 11.x). Saving the paths out is pretty automatic anyway. The software will name the g-code files after your tool path names. This is another benefit of having a full copy of the software on the computer next to the machine.

I just used my Mac’s MS Remote Desktop to see if I can open my existing vcarve files with the new version.
My shortcuts give me an error message that my folders have been CHANGED OR MOVED.

Any idea how I can find my data?

This is no different than it’s always been. The full version has always been on the jump server. The machine in the woodshop was always a Pi incapable of running Windows or VCarve. It’s now a low-end PC.

It looks like it was moved to here for some reason?:

N:\woodworking\CNC Router\_Programs\Unauthorized_users (where N is the committee drive)

Please stop telling people the full version is on the jump server. It is not! The jump server has the exact same version of Vcarve that a member can download and install at home. If you use a Windows computer, please download and install the software on your personal computer.

@mdredmond, just for clarity- the paths can be saved locally at the computer by the multicam, or design computer 1 in the commons.

The machine side computer is no longer virtualizing / using the jump server, it runs the software locally.

The jump server is not the full version which can export paths.

That all sound correct @SWA?

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Seems correct to me.

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Found 'em. Thanks!
I look forward to getting un-unauthorized.