Vacuum form project for large piece

I am wanting to vacuum form some PETG into a torso sized piece (armor) and I don’t recall the size of the vacuum form machine at the Makerspace, but pretty sure it’s a smaller one.
Are there any individuals with a machine that would handle a project this size or know of a company/individual that would be willing to do a personal project? I have asked local companies and not having much luck.

Do you already have the right sized buck made?

Not quite, but will in a couple of weeks. Just preplanning.

I passed some information along to someone, we will see what he says.

I greatly appreciate it!

Working space is 19 x 17. Blank must be 20". Details linked from the Tools page.

I guess it all depends on the size of your torso :grin:

Hmm… that might actually work! I’m a smaller fella. I’ve never received training on it and don’t see any classes scheduled, but I’ll keep an eye out once I’m ready to go with the buck. Still interested in what your contact might have to say, @TBJK

When you’re ready, tag @dryad2b and have her ask Captain if/when he plans to teach. He doesn’t use Talk.

I’ve been watching for training on this as well so I would be up for a class.

@dryad2b, Beth, if Captain does decide to hold something, please let me know, too! Thanks.

I’ll bump him. 7 pm next Thursday okay for you?

What is the starting thickness of the plastic?

Yes, ma’am. That works for me.

I have a piece from a while back that was done in 1/16" PETG and it worked fine. Not opposed to using that again or anything similar.

Is this for the 4th or the 11th? Either works for me, just need to know ahead of time. Thanks!

It will be the 11th.

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That thickness should be easy to work with.

If you can’t get the size you need with the existing machine, there is another way but, you will have to build a few simple items.

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The class is now open to sign up:

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Thanks. I’m signed up.

Ugh, I was out of town and missed the sign up. Is there going to be another class soon? Could I show up for this one?

Just go ahead and show up for this one.