Vacuum Chuck to remove tenon

I’d like to use the vacuum chuck to remove a tenon off a bowl I turned recently. I’ve not used one before. I’m assuming what’s there comes apart, then a piece of pipe goes through the headstock and reattaches to the chuck. then after I get my piece centered I pull the vacuum to hold the bowl in place.

Is anyone who’s used it before going to be up there sometime soon?

@prl2018 or the appropriate round thing person.

I’ll try to get up there towards the end of the next lathe class.

drum_chucks.pdf (186.8 KB)

Hi, This is a pretty good set of instructions. The gear for the OneWay should be in the bottom drawers of the rolling cabinet for the OneWay.

You’ll probably need to renew the chuck face gasket with neoprene and a silicone adhesive.

I won’t be up for about a week or so but if it’s not working PM me and we’ll figure a time to meet.

Good luck! Let us know how it goes?

Anyone know what the spindle size (Dia - Thread) is on the OneWay?

M33x3.5 I think.

Tagging @job4goodman and @dwolf . Both have used the vacuum chuck I think?

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I haven’t used the vacuum in a very long time and the only time I did, it was under the expert tutelage of Jimmie. I used a jam chuck (with the tennis ball on it) for my live edge bowls, the longworth chuck where I could grab the inside or outside of the top edge, and for some smaller things I’ve used #1 jaws or a drill bit on the headstock side.

I’ll be at the space next Tuesday afternoon, if it can wait that long.


Its pretty easy to make a jam chuck with a faceplate with MDF on it.

I have these jumbo jaws that also work well.
oneway jumbo jaws

Jimmy showed me how to use the vacuum pump about 3 years ago - I haven’t had a need to use it since. I do the jam chuck thing for the bottom of bowls. I did mount the pump on the wall to get it off the floor, hopefully the fire marshal is happier with it off the floor.